The Blue Door

Amish private school

The blue door.

Even in a blowing snowstorm, this light blue door stood out from the blandness that surrounded it. Blue is one of the few colors permitted by the Swartzentruber Amish, the lowest order Amish. They are the plainest of The Plain People. If you didn’t know that, you might not think much about this ordinary blue door. But for the scholars and teacher of this Amish one-room school, it might be the only splash of color they see in their stark schoolyard.

“The Blue Door” is my Photo of the Week.

© Bruce Stambaugh 2016


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9 responses to “The Blue Door

  1. Gail B.

    You have a sharp eye Bruce. And thanks for explaining the significance of the colour. I didn’t know.

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  2. That is so interesting. Thank you for sharing not only your lovely photos but also the information,

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  3. Arlene

    Love seeing your pictures and stories. Thank you.

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  4. sharon may

    You are a wealth of information.


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