Majestic Live Oak

live oak tree
Majestic live oak.

I love off-the-beaten-path kind of adventures, even if they lead to a dead end. There always seems to be something new to discover.

My wife and I were in search of a bird sanctuary on a sandy rural road near Jacksonville, FL. We learned three things on that jaunt. The bird shelter had closed more than a year ago. The road was indeed a dead end. But the canopy-covered path was gorgeous as the morning light played off of the Spanish moss and vegetation along the one-lane road.

I liked everything about this majestic live oak tree near the end of the lane. It’s limbs mostly flowed west over the road like a living awning. The textures of the ferns, palms, mosses, and lichens seemed to jump out of the shadows into the warming light.

“Majestic Live Oak” is my Photo of the Week.

© Bruce Stambaugh 2016