The Chimney Farm

Amish farmstead, furrowed field

The Chimney Farm.

I love to shoot this farm, especially when the setting sun brightens the buildings. On this spring evening, cumulus clouds billowed in the background, adding depth to the photo. I have pictures of this farm in all seasons. But this is the first with the field plowed. However, week-long rains softened the usually firm furrows.

As it turned out, the plowed field became the foreground for the unintended main subject. The family of chimneys on the various farmstead buildings carry the viewer’s eye left to right, a visual tour of this iconic Amish farm.

“The Chimney Farm” is my Photo of the Week.

© Bruce Stambaugh 2016


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5 responses to “The Chimney Farm

  1. I like the Chimney Farm photo … the chimney lines are nice with the fluffy clouds!

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  2. Thanks, Linda. I’m glad you enjoyed the photo, too.


  3. Ava

    You have a gift for turning the mundane into something beautiful.

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  4. Thanks, Ava, although I have to say that mundane may be too strong of a word. I just love farms.

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