At rest

Everything in this photo seems to be at rest. The placid water, the low-hanging morning mist, the boats moored patiently waiting, the deciduous trees pushing forth their new growth, the evergreens standing stately, the limp American flag all resting.

A wondrous peace fell upon me as I surveyed all the elements of this scene along the coast of Maine. I hope it brings you the same refreshing repose.

“At rest” is my Photo of the Week.

© Bruce Stambaugh 2019


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5 responses to “At rest

  1. What did you like best about Maine?

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    • Wow, Garland, that’s a tough question. We loved this side trip where I took this shot. I will be writing more about that later. We enjoyed the fresh seafood and the many birds that we saw. That is especially true of the boat tour we took off Bar Harbor to see the Puffins. Those pics are yet to come, too.

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  2. Elaine

    That’s a beautiful photo. It’s almost monochrome with a touch of color.

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  3. Gail B.

    Magic! Waterside is my special place at all times.

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