Little Big Bird

shorebirds, sanderling, bird and shadow
I normally like to photograph shorebirds at ground level. However, I often have a hard time getting back up at my age. Since the tiny Sanderlings dart with the constant motion of the wave action at gently sloping shores, I had to shoot as quickly as possible.

Against the backdrop of the receiding surf, I captured this lone Sanderling in the late afternoon sunshine. Consequently, the little bird cast a big shadow thanks to the sharp angle of the setting sun.

“Little Big Bird” is my Photo of the Week.

© Bruce Stambaugh 2019


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4 responses to “Little Big Bird

  1. Lovely—thanks, Bruce!

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  2. Fun! I loved the caption! I think every year, I wonder how I can improve on my captions! I got up after coming home from a week’s vacation, wondering how I am going to get back to normalcy, thinking about the New Year, etc. I confess, I scanned down through my Word Press Reader, and decided to at least click on, and read your blog, leaving the others for some other time! I do love reading your writing and enjoying your photos! Keep it up!

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