Country View

Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

Country View.

I call it photography by driving around. It has multiple purposes. We moved from Ohio’s Amish country to Virginia’s enchanting Shenandoah Valley in early May. Although not entirely unfamiliar with the area around Harrisonburg, I decided the best way to get to know the countryside was just to drive around the rural roads. Doing so helps me get a lay of the land, occasionally talk with local folks, and find scenes like this one.

This viewpoint is about eight miles north of Harrisonburg looking southeast toward Massanutten Mountain. If you look closely (click on the photo) to the left of the grain mill silos, you can see a string of train cars sitting idle on tracks in the valley near the village of Linville.

“Country View” is my Photo of the Week.

© Bruce Stambaugh 2017


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8 responses to “Country View

  1. This has got to be very close to where we live. 🙂 And you’ve made it Photo of the Week. Always neat to see the valley from the viewpoint of a newcomer. Last night I was at a dinner for volunteers and the speaker spoke of driving around pinching himself because he’s so lucky to be living in such a beautiful place. Of course there are beautiful scenes all across our land and indeed around the world. Thanks for sharing this corner!

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  2. Yes. Don’t want to leave my address here but that’s the way my husband drove to work for all the years we lived here.

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  3. Hello, This looks like it could have been taken for “Little House on The Prairie.” So, beautiful!

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  4. How exciting to have all new photo subjects! I think you’ll find a lot of old photogenic barns in that area!

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