Little red schoolhouse

one room school, little red schoolhouse, abandoned school

Little red schoolhouse. © Bruce Stambaugh 2014.

The red bricks of this abandoned one room school a few miles from my home stood in sharp contrast to the season’s first snowfall. Long since closed, this little red brick school once served as the incubator for future lawyers, farmers, housewives, teachers and business owners.

The outhouse on the right also played an important part in the school’s history. Right after World War II, the students gathered in the morning for class, but their usually prompt teacher wasn’t in the building. After several minutes, the oldest student, an eighth grader, went looking for the teacher, and found him sitting in the privy dead.

I always think of that story when I pass by the old Beechvale School. “Little red schoolhouse” is my Photo of the Week.

© Bruce Stambaugh 2014.


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21 responses to “Little red schoolhouse

  1. Beautiful picture and story!


  2. kettydreier

    What a shock for that student when he found their teacher dead in the privy.


  3. What a pretty picture and story Bruce…Just where might one find this little red schoolhouse?


  4. Mic

    Never heard that one, Bruce! I have always liked that little schoolhouse but don’t go out that way very often.


  5. Great photo, great story!


  6. Linda miller

    When was the last year that that schoolhouse was in use?


  7. Jeanie

    Great picture and story! My mom attended this school.


  8. Missy

    My Grandfather lived just down the road towards Benton. This was his schoolhouse. He was born in 1901. Thanks for the picture.


  9. Mary Wiebe

    Carl and I enjoyed this view so much every day for three years as we lived directly across the road on TR 601. Thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories, Bruce!


  10. Barbie (Smail) Slemmer

    Thanks for sharing! I grew up just off of 601, going towards 241.


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