Willet at Dawn

willet, Atlantic Ocean, sunrise photography, Fernandina Beach FL
Writing, birding and photography are a few of my many interests. When I can combine a couple of them into one fabulous moment, I am more than contented.

In the process of photographing a gorgeous sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean in northern Florida, a willet wandered into the frame. I love when those unexpected opportunities arise. The shorebird was merely out on its morning breakfast stroll, probing the wetted sand for any tasty morsels along the seashore. For me, however, having the bird enter the scene right as the sun dawned provided a spot of perspective for the colorful seascape. I couldn’t have been happier.

“Willet at Dawn” is my Photo of the Week.

© Bruce Stambaugh 2019


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7 responses to “Willet at Dawn

  1. Elaine

    That’s a beautiful sunrise photo and made more special by the appearance of the Willet. Florida provides some wonderful photo opportunities.

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  2. A beautiful sunrise of which there are many—the Willet makes this one spectacular. Thanks, Bruce.

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  3. Definitely this photo qualified as the “photo of the week!”

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  4. Skirted is putting it mildly. That’s a lot of driving. I hope the roads were ok for you.


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