Thunderstorm at Dusk

thunderstorm, Allegheny Mountains, Shenandoah Valley

Thunderstorm at Dusk.

I have too many hobbies. Besides photography and writing, I enjoy biking, birding, wildlife, wildflowers, hiking, weather, sunrises, and sunsets, just to name a few. Every once in a while, I am fortunate to be able to combine some of those activities into one outing.

Recently I explored a new location for sunsets. Though lovely, the promise of a blazing sunset diminished as the sun sank lower and lower behind the Allegheny Mountains 17 miles away. To the north, a rogue thunderstorm drifted over northwestern Rockingham Co., Virginia. The last of the day’s light dappled the outer edges of the billowing storm cell.

Being outside in the cooling evening air on this hillside cattle farm brought me much joy. Capturing a photo of a growing thunderhead highlighted by the setting sun in this idyllic setting capped another lovely day in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley.

“Thunderstorm at Dusk” is my Photo of the Week.

© Bruce Stambaugh 2017


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10 responses to “Thunderstorm at Dusk

  1. Pamela lakits

    Mother nature, how beautiful she is, even in the power of her storm. Your photo says it all.

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  2. RAK

    The joy of being outside with the breeze hitting every inch of our skin is a great feeling. Beautiful words, really enjoyed it!

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  3. Good Evening. I so love how you bring me along with your trips where ever you travel. The pictures are a bonus, but I sincerely feel as though I am envisioning as being described by you but in my own mind’s eye.
    Absolutely Lovely.

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  4. Angie George

    Very nice picture. You are so right about the cooling off the day. Beautiful thank you for your view and pictures. They are inspiring.
    Angie Boone

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  5. You know Bruce, when I hear a photographer say there is just nothing to shoot today, I think look up buddy! The one thing that is ever changing is the sky, the beauty that floats right above our heads is the most overlooked and ever changing from second to second. When I get in a rut, I try to do skyscapes, cloudscapes, Yours is simply beautiful.! 🙂

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