Evening Rush Hour

Shenandoah Valley, dusk

Evening Rush Hour.

The traffic that ran on the narrow, winding country road in the agricultural valley intrigued me. The city lay behind me, the Allegheny Mountains before me. In between the cars and trucks buzzed along, often in little packs. Then for minutes the road was quiet, devoid of vehicles. Only the echoes of distant barking dogs and the steady hum of the Interstate two miles to the east were heard.

Why did the traffic bunch up like that, and then nothing, like blue jays at a bird feeder? It was all or nothing. Did they encounter a slow-moving poultry truck or log truck? Did they have to wait until the trucks turned off? They surely couldn’t pass on this skinny road, especially at dusk.

Whatever the answers, it was pure joy to watch this rural world busyness as the sun set behind the thick clouds.

“Evening Rush Hour” is my Photo of the Week.

© Bruce Stambaugh 2016


Filed under human interest, Photo of the Week, photography, rural life

4 responses to “Evening Rush Hour

  1. That looks like Mt. Clinton Pike winding out into the country. Yes? I will share this on Third Way, nice photo!

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  2. Ava

    I always loved that marvelous view of the western mountains when topping the Park View hill just outside the ‘Burg on the way home from work. Stunning always. And especially exquisite in spring’s verdant green. Our route home took the road left before we got out as far in the country as your shot is taken. Lots of beautiful places in that area north of 33.

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