Sparkles All Around

surfer, Atlantic Ocen

Sparkles All Around.

I enjoy shooting photographs into the sun. It’s always challenging to get everything in focus and avoid the sun’s glare on the camera lens. When that happens, the results are exciting.

I loved everything about this photo. Your eyes go to the nearly silhouetted surfer headed home after a few hours in the Atlantic’s chilly waters. But it’s what’s all around him that made the scene. From background to foreground, the textures and details glittered from the late morning sunshine.

The silvery sparkle on the surface of the rippled ocean, the folding of the wave, the remnants of previous waves lingering on the beach, the water dripping from the surfer’s foot, and even the grains of sand on the beach sparkled in their own way.

“Sparkles All Around” is my Photo of the Week.

© Bruce Stambaugh 2016


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5 responses to “Sparkles All Around

  1. Elaine

    Beautiful! The ocean has so many “faces” and this captures one of them.

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  2. Bonnie

    Our world here in the North Country is also a Heaven of sparkles this morning. The sun in shining through ice coated tree limbs – it is so beautiful it takes your breath away.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Gail B.

    Gorgeous! We have sparkling snow here, but I like yours better.

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