whiteout, snowstorm


I took this shot two days ago from my back porch during one of the frequent whiteouts that hit Ohio’s Amish country. Can you see my neighbor casually pulling a wagon in front of the house as if it were the sunniest summer day? She was on an errand. Can you guess what it was? The answer is hanging there for you if you can see.

Blinding as it was, the snow came in waves and only accumulated about three inches. Still, capturing the moment created a washed-out abstract photo. “Whiteout!” is my Photo of the Week.

© Bruce Stambaugh 2016


Filed under Amish, Ohio's Amish country, Photo of the Week, photography, weather

8 responses to “Whiteout!

  1. Gail B.

    Surely not laundry? But I see some already on a line..Monday is washday for many. Great photo Bruce!


  2. Love this image. Beautiful.


  3. Bonnie

    That picture reminds me of where I grew up just East of Lake Ontario. It’s called the Snow Belt Area and their Lake Effect Snows are almost unbearable at times.


  4. Just like it looks here some days!


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