Very Inspiring Blogger AwardI write about nature, weather, hobbies and people, often using personal experiences. Much to their dismay, I also write about my family. I use humor and pathos when I can’t think of anything else to include. My weekly columns appear in The Holmes Bargain Hunter, Millersburg, Ohio. I also write a weather column for Farming Magazine, and a backyard birding column for Journey of Wings, a regional birding magazine. I am a freelance writer, having been published in several magazines, devotionals and newspapers. I was also honored to be published on the onBeing.org blog. I retired on January 1, 2017 as facilitator for the Best of Ohio’s Amish Country coop marketing group, and as a marketing consultant for Homestead Furniture, Mt. Hope, Ohio.

I am also honored and humbled to say that I am a prostate cancer survivor, thanks to the excellent care and delicate robotic surgery of my capable urologist, and an unknown number of prayers offered up for me. You can find a few musings about that on this blog.

Versatile Blogger AwardI have won the Ohio Newspaper Association’s Osman Hooper original column award, the 2013 personal column award from the Mid-Atlantic Community Paper Association, and the Wayne College Regional Writers Award for non-fiction. I have also won the Most Versatile Blogger Award, the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, and the Illuminating Blogger Award, all bestowed by fellow bloggers.

I am a retired educator, a retired volunteer firefighter/EMT, a community activist, a husband, father, grandfather, and brother. My wife and I live in a modest home built on an Amish farm in Saltcreek Twp., Holmes Co., Ohio, amid the world’s largest Amish population.

Bruce and Slider by Bruce Stambaugh
Cleveland Indians mascot Slider joked around with me at an Indians game. For the record, I'm the one wearing the red sweater.
Besides writing, I enjoy birding, hiking, biking, walking, weather, family, nature, photography, history, people-watching and most sports. Masochist that I am, my favorite sports team is the Cleveland Indians.

The title of this blog, Roadkill Crossing and other tales from Amish country, is taken from one of my favorite columns, published long before I started blogging, and from the fact that I have lived in Amish country for so long. For the record, my son doesn’t think much of the blog title.
Illuminating Blogger Award
Please feel free to leave comments, as long as they are positive, flattering and able to boost my already inflated ego. Contact me at bruce@brucestambaugh.com.

36 thoughts on “About”

  1. We just returned from a vacation in Holmes County. We really enjoyed our time there. We stayed in Berlin. I’ve just posted a blog about our time there and a lot of photos that I took. I’ll be following your blog as we love hearing news from the area.

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  2. Ahhhhhh, Bruce……..you need to add cancer survivor to your “I am……” list! For that gift we are all so very grateful!


    1. Thanks, Char. Not that I needed the reminder. Indeed I am most grateful. I still think about all those who cannot say that, and sometimes hesitate to mention my good fortune for fear of appearing to rub it in. But I am definitely thankful for my recovery and for friends like you and Kim.




  3. I’m so glad I found your blog. Little city girl left Ohio long ago and now living in the Northwest. This time of year makes me ache for Sunday drives through the beautiful rolling hills of home. God bless you all.


      1. I have family in western Maryland and we often travel in Amish country. In fact, Grandma pieces the fronts of quilts and takes them to the Amish to quilt. One such quilt was a wedding present. The great part of the story is that it was quilted by a newlywed too. It was her first source of income toward her own household. It is even more treasured because of that story. So keep sharing!


  4. Bruce, thank you for noting my blog entry today. As I wrote it I was reminded of your Thanksgiving reflection. It is comforting to know we do not experience these things alone.


  5. Hi Bruce,
    I enjoyed reading your info and want to leave my very positive feedback!
    My only hesitation is the title….I agree with your son there…..it has negative connotations for some of us…….but maybe not enough to make much difference in your readership. That said, you have a wonderful style of writing and I hope you’ll keep us entertained for many years to come.
    Mary 🙂


    1. Mary,

      Thank you so much for you kind words and your insight on the title. Is it possible to change it now after the blog has begun, or would I have to start all over? I will enjoy following along on your blog as well.

      Thanks, again,



      1. As a semi-long time blogger… you can change it after the fact… there are some effects of doing so, but it should be a pretty simple change since you’re not going to be changing your domain name. 🙂


  6. Mr. Stambaugh,
    I’m a former Winesburg Elementary student and I had the privilege to have you as my principal for 6 years. I just wanted to drop you a line and say “hello” and let you know that I look foreword to your weekly writings in The Bargain Hunter. While your wisdom (and sometimes folly) comes from a different generation, I can truly say that I can relate with your words of faith and strength. God bless you and yours. You are both inspirational and entertaining. Thank you!
    Dustin Miller


  7. I just wanted to send a quick “Hello” and thank you for following my own efforts at speaking into the darkness of the blogosphere. I’ve skimmed over your writing here and really like what I see. Nice to “meet” you and hope to engage with you more in the fiture.


  8. I loved reading your bio. You certainly sound like a very interesting person. I am fascinated by the Amish so that is how I found your blog. This summer I plan on taking my girls to Lancaster County, PA for hopefully a day on a working farm if that is doable. I see you are a retired educator; I’m a middle school teacher who is hoping to make it to June…ha ha! The inmates are getting restless!! Happy blogging. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Marissa. I’m glad you found my blog. You should try to visit our area, too. After all, we live in the world’s largest Amish population, and our Amish intermingle with us “English” much more here than in Lancaster. Enjoy your visit, nevertheless, and please stay in touch.



  9. I “stumbled” into your blog through the Killbuck Gang site. I enjoyed your bird posts and I shall return — if not for the birds — perhaps to jaw about the current state of Amish Country, and how it has become over-hyped and commercialized. Waiting an hour for a piece of black-rasberry pie at Boyd Wurthmann is a crying shame….


    1. Rick,

      I’m glad you found the blog. If you enjoy birding, check out Birding Ohio and Bob-O-link Area of Ohio on Facebook. There are lots of good pics and info there.

      I absolutely agree with you about the “growth” in the eastern end of the county. It’s not all good, and it certainly isn’t pretty.

      Thanks for sharing,



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