Happy Valentines Day!

roseate spoonbill, Everglades NP
There is no better way for an avid birder to wish everyone Happy Valentines Day than to share a photo of a very special bird. This juvenile Roseate Spoonbill posed nicely for me in the wetlands of Everglades National Park near Everglades City, FL.

Like many other avian species, the prominent features of the bird give it its name. Its awkward looking bill is offset by the delicate pink feathers of this much-admired bird.

So for my Photo of the Week, I again wish you Happy Valentines Day!

© Bruce Stambaugh2019


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6 responses to “Happy Valentines Day!

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day from Bangladesh!! This is a beautiful bird! I was privileged to photograph it near Shreve, when it showed up. I had stopped by the Plains Road near Berlin where it had also been sighted, but only ever saw lots of Amish birders, but no bird!

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  2. That’s great, Marland! Enjoy your time with your son.


  3. kzconnect

    Bruce, I saw this bird for the first time last year on Sanibel Island. It really is exceptional.

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