Floral Rainbow

lupines, Amish farm

Floral Rainbow.

Being surprised is just one of the benefits of photography. While on a field trip to photograph young barn owls, I spotted these beauties in one of the flowerbeds of the Amish farm where the owls were. The afternoon sun bathed these lupines, enriching an already colorful floral rainbow.

“Floral Rainbow ” is my photo of the week.

© Bruce Stambaugh 2016


Filed under Amish, Ohio's Amish country, Photo of the Week, photography

2 responses to “Floral Rainbow

  1. A.daly

    Very pretty but how about the young owls ?


    • Thanks. Are you asking to see a photo of the juvenile owls? Or are you asking if they are ok? The owls have fledged, and return to the nest box now and then. They hang out in the barn rafters and in trees near the barn.


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