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Ascension Day. © Bruce Stambaugh 2014.

Today is Ascension Day, the 40th day after the resurrection of Christ. For the Amish in the Holmes County, Ohio area, Ascension Day is a holiday. Families gather to reflect, visit, share, relax, and just enjoy each others company. Youngsters may go fishing, hiking, biking or play games like volleyball and softball.

Of all the holidays that the Amish celebrate, Ascension Day is the most informal, with no worship service or fasting. It simply is to honor the day that Christ ascended into heaven. Perhaps it’s a lesson from which all of us can learn.

© Bruce Stambaugh 2014.


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7 responses to “Photo of the Week

  1. Amen, my friend! I will delight in sharing this with my Episcopal community. A lesson for all of us to learn. Thank you.


  2. Reblogged this on Carrie's Bench and commented:
    not a bad idea!


  3. Whoa. This is a beauty. What an Ascension day photo! For real? Glad I checked your post!


    • Thanks, Melodie. I’m glad you checked it, too.



      • We had an Ascension Day sermon on Sunday–very appropriate as our pastor retired and left us after 24 years. The tie ins to the grief the disciples felt and yet the joy of knowing what was ahead for Jesus sitting at the right hand of God, if you take it literally (not equating our pastor with Jesus, but you get my point) were very real. I was in tears through much of the sermon. Anyway, this all made for a more meaningful Ascension day than I’ve had in most years.


  4. Thanks for sharing this, Melodie. Tears of sadness mingled with tears of joy and expectation.




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