Song Sparrow Haiku

Song Sparrow by Bruce Stambaugh

A Song Sparrow briefly welcomed the warming sun with an unexpected chorus.



On the coldest day
of the year the song sparrow
earned its moniker.

Bruce Stambaugh
Jan. 23, 2011


Filed under haiku, photography, poem

4 responses to “Song Sparrow Haiku

  1. Lovely! I’m blogging on both birds and haiku–might I re-blog?


  2. julie (bickel)brown

    Mr. Stambaugh, you were my fifth grade teacher. I’m delighted to have raninto your articles, while browesing on line for an article on my cousin Paul Tish. I look forward to reading more of your work! Nice to havefound you


    • Julie,

      I was going through the comments posted on my blog, and found yours. I noticed that I hadn’t replied. I apologize. It was very nice for you to reconnect by leaving a note. I hope you are doing well. Blessings.



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