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Lunch date

Doe by Bruce Stambaugh

Doe nibbled at the
sea of alfalfa while I
ate my egg salad.

Bruce Stambaugh
August 25, 2011


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Aviary gleaning

Barn Swallows by Bruce Stambaugh

Swallows encircle
the farmer and his mower,
a whirling harvest.

Bruce Stambaugh
July 30, 2011


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Flower forecasting

French lilacs by Bruce Stambaugh

When the French lilacs
start to bloom in Ohio
frost is a good bet.

Bruce Stambaugh
May 3, 2011

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A mess of morels

Morel mushrooms by Bruce Stambaugh

It was quite the haul.
I found the first mushroom and
my son the other.

Bruce Stambaugh
April 29, 2011


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The politics of Jesus

Notice that Jesus
rode a donkey, not an elephant,
into and out of his earthly life.

Bruce Stambaugh
April 13, 2011

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Wayne on Wayne

My wife and I
stayed in a bed and breakfast
in Waynesboro on Wayne St.,
and the owner’s name was Wayne.
I couldn’t, no I wouldn’t make this up.

Bruce Stambaugh
March 29, 2011


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Supermoon haiku

Full moon by Bruce Stambaugh

Don’t miss the big, bright
Supermoon tonight at dusk
rising in the east.

Bruce Stambaugh
March 19, 2011

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Pi Day 2011

Golden sunset by Bruce Stambaugh

Tonight, just above the horizon
in the western sky
less than an hour after sunset,
planets Jupiter and Mercury
are only a piece of pie apart.

Bruce Stambaugh
March 14, 2011

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Cancerous haiku

Is prostate cancer
appropriate for haiku,
and is it for me?

Bruce Stambaugh
March 11, 2011

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Amish Super Bowl Haiku

Amish head to church by Bruce Stambaugh

Amish youth gathered for a Super Bowl Sunday hymn sing.

Super Bowl Sunday
neighborhood Amish youth hold
an evening hymn sing.

Bruce Stambaugh
Feb. 6, 2011

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