brown creeper


I’m always pleased when I discover a bird that I have never seen in my yard before. I was photographing some woodpeckers when I noticed a little bird darting around the trunk of the large sugar maple tree in the backyard. Not only did this bird move fast, it blended in perfectly with the bark of the tree.

Can you find the Brown Creeper?

“Camouflaged” is my Photo of the Week.

© Bruce Stambaugh 2016


Filed under birding, birds, nature photography, Ohio, Photo of the Week, photography

9 responses to “Camouflaged

  1. Elaine

    Oh my goodness…it sure does blend in. Is it about in the middle of the photo just above the tiny branch?


  2. Bonnie

    Nope I can’t find it – even with the clue from the other comment. I think it CREEPED out of my photo. ;^)


  3. Bonnie

    I see that little Creeper ..thank you Elaine for the suggestion … why didn’t I think of that.


  4. Found it, but it is well camouflaged!


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