Two beauties


Two beauties. © Bruce Stambaugh

I felt fortunate to capture this moment between our daughter-in-law and our granddaughter. They were reviewing “spy pictures,” as the four-year-old referred to them, of Uncle Nathan, our son. Apparently, Maren convinced her aunt to use her cell phone to photograph our son and her two brothers building a Lego toy. The focused concentration on the polka dotted iPhone, coupled with their relaxed poses, really made this photo pop. The backlit blond hair didn’t hurt either.

“Two beauties” is the Photo of the Week.

© Bruce Stambaugh 2014


Filed under family, Ohio, Photo of the Week, photography

9 responses to “Two beauties

  1. Wonderful candid photo!!


  2. Perfect! And how long did you work to pose them just so? Ha.


  3. Thanks, Melodie. Now you know what would have happened had this been a set up shot. 🙂



  4. Don Brown

    Some people are rich some are lucky, you are both in the things that really matter in life.


  5. Gail Brown

    Isn’t it great to really capture a moment. Usually an elusive thing, but just once in a while the magic works. Great photo, Bruce. Gail


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