The Anglers

fisherman, Huguenot Memorial Park
As I was walking along the beach, I came across this scene at hurricane devastated Huguenot Memorial Park along the St. John’s River near Jacksonville, FL. I loved that the straight line angle of the posts met with one of the wading fishermen.

“The Anglers” is my Photo of the Week.

© Bruce Stambaugh 2019


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6 responses to “The Anglers

  1. Great composition, Bruce! A worthy pic of the week! Marcus

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  2. Thanks, Bruce! This lovely image must be viewed enlarged to really appreciate it. Particularly the weathered posts and also their great leading line that goes directly to the wading fisherman (as you mentioned). Because he’s off to the right, he is beautifully balanced by the angler on the left. Wonderful sky, too.

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  3. Gail B

    You have such an eye for detail, Bruce. Is Huguenot open again? It is looking pretty again. Great shot.

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    • Thanks, Gail. Yes, the park is open, but strictly limited in what can and can’t be done. Camping is tents only. However, they are working on reshaping and restoring the park as best they can. The dunes are much, much smaller than they were before the storms.


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