The Blue Hour

Usina Bridge, St. Augustine FL, night shot

The Blue Hour.

A friend, an expert photographer, led a photo shoot to St. Augustine, FL for the last evening of the Night of Lights. Each year the city adorns itself with white lights for the holiday season through January.

Though the rest of the town was beautiful, I was particularly taken by the lighted Francis and Mary Usina Bridge over the Tolomato River that fronts the historic city. My friend loaned me his tripod, enabling me to shoot this photo. It was my first serious attempt at nighttime photography.

The blue hour is the time after sunset that the sky remains blue before it suddenly turns to all black. Even with a layer of clouds, the blue showed through.

“The Blue Hour” is my Photo of the Week.

© Bruce Stambaugh 2017


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12 responses to “The Blue Hour

  1. I didn’t know that hour had a name! We definitely got some similar shots of the night time sky 2 years ago up near Myrtle Beach when the sky stayed so delightfully lit. Great shot! Photographers seem to like the hours immediately before and after sunrise, sunset.

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  2. RamblingLisa



  3. reaglespirit

    You done well Bruce !

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  4. minimalistgrandma

    You did an amazing job at your first attempt! Beautiful!

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  5. Amazing photo for your first attempt at nightime shooting. Must have been a good teacher!

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