Summer solstice sunset

summer solstice, sunset

Summer solstice sunset. © Bruce Stambaugh 2015

Each summer solstice, I stand at the northwestern corner of our property here in Ohio’s Amish country and watch the sun sink between the twin silos on our Amish neighbor’s farm. I guess it’s my version of Stonehenge. Normally, if the sky is clear, I often see a golden orange glow. Not this year.

I watched the sunset on the summer solstice again last Sunday evening. As sunsets will do, the colors in the evening sky seemed to change by the minute. I kept shooting and shooting photos. I thought the roses, violets and baby blues painted above the silhouetted farmstead in this shot created an amazing scene.

“Summer solstice sunset” is my Photo of the Week.

© Bruce Stambaugh 2015


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7 responses to “Summer solstice sunset

  1. Judith

    absolutly gorgeous what beauty. Thank you God for such amazing colors, and thank you Bruce for sharing with those of us in Chicago that don’t get to see sights like this!!!


  2. Love seeing your photos, Bruce. My wife and I are doing a day-trip to Holmes County next week, so hopefully the weather will cooperate so the sights aren’t too soggy.


  3. Linda Hartford

    You and Neva are both talented in SO many ways! I’m honored to know such fine folks!


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